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connecting possibilities

enable sustainable, agile and adaptive transformation in your organization

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More than 11 years helping leaders, teams and organizations

In dots We are more than just consultants. We are architects of transformation. We work as a collaborative ecosystem of professional experts at the service of human and managerial development. 

We combine wisdom and innovation, going beyond the conventional, to design a learning path together and evolution to meet your talent and people challenges.  


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At dotsaboutyou we believe in change as a natural driving force that helps organizations, teams and leaders to transform and adapt organically and sustainably to the environment to renew their purpose and achieve the emerging future in advance.


We are experts in:



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Organizational diagnosis

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Other services

Our focus

How do we do it?

Change is no longer an isolated variable that eventually must be managed, in VUCA environments (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) it becomes urgent to review and transform our repertoire of skills and competences.

Our model brings together best practices derived from a multidisciplinary approach developed over the years and that includes elements of organizational psychology, ontological coaching, systemic consulting/coaching and agile methodologies. 

From the initial conversations and/or diagnosis, we design tailored learning experiences through our proven consulting, coaching and team intervention tools that facilitate the timely development of the new required skills.


what we are

We also have changed, know more about our history:


11 years of experience at the service of learning!


We believe in the power of transformation

We work to guarantee your place in the emerging future!

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our clients think

Dots' support model in coaching, consulting and training processes helps improve results, individual performance levels and people's quality of life. Thanks to its solid training, high standards in its processes and systemic view that facilitate the alignment of human management processes with the strategy, broadly satisfying the organization's expectations.


E. Bravo

Senior Human Management Advisor

Banco de La Republica


Do you want to transform your company? Are you looking to improve your performance and that of your team? Do you want to anticipate the business changes of the future? Do you want to know more aboutdotsaboutyou?


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