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partners & clients 

Our allies and learning partners are the ones who give meaning to what we do

Working with the best clients and partners

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cases of success:

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Banco de La República

9 years building a coaching & leadership culture and in the institution!

We have had the privilege of accompanying the most relevant and prestigious financial institution in Colombia, from very incipient moments through the generation of a culture of coaching and self-development that has been consolidated over time as a solid way to support the development of leadership skills and competencies

Today we can proudly say that our methodologies, approach and work based on rigorous impeccability and respect have allowed the Bank to have tools and new competencies that sustain the necessary changes and transformations that the institution naturally goes through. In short, coaching and its benefits have become part of the DNA of the Banrep culture.

Image by Joel Duncan

For more than 8 years we have been the company selected by Banco de La República to accompany the individual coaching processes for the organization's senior leadership levels. In this period we have managed to build a solid relationship as strategic allies in the development of talent in the organization, navigating various challenges of the complex and changing reality of the bank.


  • More than 2500 hours of coaching executed

  • More than 1000 hours of training completed

  • Support in the process of cultural transformation of the organization

  • Recognition as a strategic ally for high-impact processes of leaders and teams

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Confidence in our work as coaches and facilitators has been reflected through 3 nominations and 1 award as best supplier in the proximity category in Internexa Colombia.


Our support through executive coaching and process facilitation for management teams has allowed us to develop a close and trustworthy relationship from which we continue working to support the Conexión Humana team and the entire management team in achieving their objectives in the talent development.

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