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Ready to achieve the optimized version of your team and your leadership?

what we do for our partners & clients

We design customized consulting and learning solutions through proven methodologies. Our approach brings together best practices derived from a multidisciplinary approach developed over years that includes elements of organizational psychology, coaching and organizational systemic consulting/intervention.  

coachingindividual and team format

”We are coaches who train coaches”. It was a founding expression of the Dots partners that expresses well the prominent place that our extensive practice, teaching and research has had in the profession of coaching, both in its individual and team formats. Today we have an expert team of coaches trained throughout this rich and varied journey. and enriched by our experience working along with management teams and leaders of the highest level in organizations both, the public and private sectors, throughout Latin America.


training learning and leadership

"We are designers of learning experiences": is another phrase that expresses our own particular way of approaching our clients and partners. We understand that each organization, each team, are systems driven by particular dynamics/patterns. Thus, the interventions we propose are thought out and co-designed - together with our clients - focused on real needs. We strongly believe that the client always has the solution, we ask the necessary questions to bring forth those solutions.


consultancy /change and transformation management

"We believe in the power of transformation". At Dots we live, understand and embrace the phenomenon of change as part of the natural cycle of life. From there, we accompany our clients to manage the transformation in different stages of the process; from systemic diagnosis and mapping of the impacts of change at the cultural/people level, through the design and delivery/facilitation of training content, to support and monitoring that guarantee the organization and leaders an optimal transition towards the new and renewed reality.

assessment / talent identification

"Two eyes are worth more than one"

We enhance our interventions and projects through the inclusion of proven tools. We suggest our clients its use according how useful and appropiate for the established objectives:

-Organizational systemic diagnosis(Systemic Canvas Model)

-Organizational climate measurement

-Psychometric tools to evaluate talent

We work in partnership with exclusive suppliers of the best tools.


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More than 11 years serving leaders, teams and organizations

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