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leadership at the crossroad of 2024

Last Thursday, February 15th, we had our first webinar of the year, in which we addressed in a very original and participatory way the competencies that we at dotsaboutyou think are critical for current leadership.

Through a thematic Escape Room, attendees immersed themselves in reflecting on the leadership competencies necessary to address three major themes present in today's organizations: Artificial Intelligence, Remote Work, Diversity.


These realities require acquiring specific leadership skills, which allow to make the most of them while avoiding being paralyzed by the inherent challenges they entail.

coming soon: new events in which you can participate


realese of our new product!

Escape Room Virtual Andromeda

During our webinar on February 15, we launched our new product: the Virtual Andromeda Escape Room.

The aim of this Escape Room is to develop the leadership skills necessary to navigate through BANI environments.

This game takes us to the year 2067 when humanity has been colonizing Mars for several decades.

Participants found themselves needing to solve dilemmas and make decisions that allowed them to survive in the face of a completely unexpected event, while also overcoming the inherent difficulties of the unconscious dynamics of the system.

Attendees firsthand experienced the power of gamification in skill acquisition when such tools have been developed by experts in leadership and organizational transformation.

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