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A history that inspires us to continue growing and evolving at your service

an exciting history about connecting the dots

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Back in 2012 it was born the idea to join the forces of two experienced consultants, Gustavo Romero and Gustavo Martin. Both, driven by the natural force of change and the purest synchronicity, saw the opportunity to put their knowledge and desire at the service of life and thus open operations based in Colombia to develop new learning spaces in the field of coaching and talent development in Latin America.

This is how in January 2013 the founding document of Dots Consulting SAS was signed based on the fundamental premises of placing our capabilities at the service of organizations, teams and leaders with special and particular care for two elements: on the one hand, the highest and most polished professional standard in the practice of coaching and talent development and on the other hand, the professional practice of aid within a solid ethical framework.

Between 2013 and 2019, after years of effort, discipline and impeccability, we consolidated our growth thanks to the commitment and trust placed by our most important clients and allies. Also as a product of the collaboration and enthusiasm of a large number of professionals, colleagues and friends who left and/or continue to leave their mark on the name of our organization. To all of them, our infinite gratitude, we honor your presence and trust, without you our evolution and transformation would not have been possible.

Since 2019 and until the present date, Gustavo Martin takes the leadership role of Dots Consulting Group with the task of consolidating our presence in working with leaders and teams of the most prestigious organizations in Colombia and Latin America, including and developing new methodologies and approaches. innovative to place them at the service of our clients and continue developing a professional and human network capable of supporting the needs of our clients.

In the year 2023, based on the new reality and new winds of change,We feel the commitment to transform ourselves to expand our presence in Latin America from the city where theeffervescent business world from our entire region: Miami. Thus expanding our presence and our ability to be closer to our clients.


Starting in 2024, with the incorporation of Luis Gómez as partner and  commercial manager, dotsaboutyou takes a firm step towards expansion throughout the region, complementing the team with his capabilities as a senior coach and his international commercial experience.


The future is here, we invite you to join us on this new journey. 


Convert the need for change into a great opportunity for learning and transformation for our partners and clients. 


guiding principles


We believe in transformation as an elemental energy of dynamic balance that movese to systems and organizations to achieve their own evolution and destiny.


We assume the role of leadership as the generating and enabling axis of transformation in human systems and organizations.


We contribute to forming emotionally resonant leaders, teams and organizations, leaders and individuals aware of the impact they generate on the psychological and emotional climate of their environment, capable of connecting intuitively and empathetically with others.


We understand organizations as living systems. We believe in, and respect, the wisdom of human systems to self-regulate, learn, evolve and fulfill their purpose."The whole is more than the sum of its parts".


We are good at listening and translating that listening into a unique and singular proposal that responds to the real concerns of our clients and partners. We enjoy co-creating and designing learning experiences with our clients.

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