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"A life not investigated is not worth living" exclaimed the historical Greek philosopher Socrates. At dotsaboutyou we want to claim and invoke reflective thinking as a resource to face times marked by uncertainty and doubts.


dotslab wants to offer our community of colleagues, friends and supporters of thought, a space for discussion and meeting. Stay tuned for our news!


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BANI environment

From VUCA world to BANI enviroment

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Jamais Cascio's BANI philosophy stems from a deep understanding of resilience in a dynamic and complex context. Cascio recognizes that in a world characterized by uncertainty and constant change, the adaptability and resilience of systems and technologies are essential for their long-term survival and effectiveness. Resilience, in this sense, is not merely about a system's ability to recover after a challenge or disturbance but entails a broader capacity to anticipate, adapt, and thrive in constantly evolving environments.

Cascio argues that effective resilience cannot be based on rigidity or passive resistance to change, but must be rooted in flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to learn and evolve continuously. This vision acknowledges that uncertainty and complexity are intrinsic characteristics of the modern world, and that systems and technologies must be prepared to face these challenges in a proactive and dynamic manner.

In this context, BANI emerges as a conceptual framework that helps to identify and understand the essential characteristics that contribute to the resilience of systems and technologies in a changing environment. By focusing on brittleness, anxiety, non-linearity, and incomprehensibility, Cascio provides a set of criteria for assessing a system's ability to maintain its effectiveness and relevance in a world characterized by constant transformation and uncertainty. Let's look at these characteristics in detail:


Brittle replaces Volatility. Our world is not just volatile. It has turned out that rapid change is a big problem especially when the system is inflexible. Brittle is exactly the right word to describe this condition: A brittle system usually looks very stable, but becomes porous and breaks over time, mostly unexpected. It gives the impression of being strong and robust until it reaches a critical point of failure. This unexpected collapse can have far-reaching and devastating consequences, catching individuals, organizations, and even societies off guard.


Anxiety and Its Connection to Uncertainty: Anxiety within the BANI framework is closely tied to the broader notion of uncertainty. It stems from the fear that something significant can unravel or break apart at any moment. In essence, anxiety acts as a mechanism for safeguarding security in an unpredictable environment. When a system or world is marked by uncertainty, it can generate profound anxiety as individuals and organizations grapple with the unpredictability of events.


Non-linearity represents an additional layer of complexity in our understanding of the modern world. This complexity arises from the fact that the systems in which we live and operate are inherently intricate. Within these complex systems, the traditional linear link between cause and effect is not always straightforward or evident.


The lack of clarity about the meaning of an event, whose previous meaning we could capture according to the same logic, is another common feature of the VUCA environment. Phenomena such as the globalization of work, multicultural work environments, growing diversity and the need for the inclusion of new and divergent perspectives demand an urgent review of our limiting beliefs and emotions.

For a system or technology to be truly resilient, it must effectively address the four main attributes that are part of the BANI acronym: brittle, anxious, nonlinear, and incomprehensible.

First, flexibility and adaptability are essential. Systems must be able to adjust and evolve in response to new conditions and challenges. This involves the ability to reconfigure quickly and effectively to maintain functionality and efficiency in different scenarios.

Moreover, providing stability and certainty is crucial to mitigate anxiety in the environment. Systems must be able to generate trust and security in those who interact with them, offering predictability and consistency in their operation.

Likewise, the ability to anticipate and manage the inherent nonlinearity of changes is fundamental. Systems must be able to identify emerging patterns and respond proactively to fluctuations and discontinuities in their environment, thus avoiding excessive or inappropriate reactions to unforeseen events.

Finally, comprehensibility and transparency are key to ensuring effective interaction between users and systems. Systems must be designed in such a way that they are accessible and understandable to those who use them, thereby facilitating informed decision-making and problem-solving.

Together, effectively addressing these attributes allows systems and technologies to maintain their effectiveness and relevance in a world characterized by constant transformation and uncertainty. By doing so, resilience and adaptability are promoted in a dynamic and complex environment.

In summary, Jamais Cascio's BANI philosophy offers a very valuable perspective on the nature of resilience in a constantly changing world, highlighting the importance of adaptability, flexibility, and continuous learning capacity as key elements to adapt to a rapidly changing world. At dotsaboutyou, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to accompany leaders and teams in your organization in acquiring and renewing the appropriate competencies to achieve objectives and results in this new BANI environment.

Lucid minds, clear ideas...

Wu wei; "the subtle action"

The expression "Wu Wei" literally translates as "non-doing" or "non-action," but its meaning goes beyond simply physical inactivity.Wu Wei refers to acting in a way that is in harmony with the natural flow of the universe and nature, without effort or resistance..

Indotsaboutyou We practice and recommend the principles that connect us with this wise ancestral practice:

Flow with nature




Effortless efficiency



the game power

Image by Robert Coelho

“In the great game table that is life, the uncomfortable one is not the cheater - who simply plays in a certain way, but participates - but the one who breaks the deck.”

Johan Huizinga

Homo Ludens

In our early years, we spend a lot of time playing, or rather learning... humans, like many mammals, spend a large part of their childhood exploring the world through play, making mistakes, getting things right, and experimenting with new ways of doing things.

From role-playing games like cops and robbers (where we confront the idea of 'good and evil'), through playing school, to board and chance games, in each session we acquire social, conversational, and leadership skills... without even realizing it...

At dotsaboutyou, we rely on this innate ability of our species to develop Escape Rooms that, through play, enable the acquisition of individual and collective leadership skills.

Thanks to our experience and the creativity of our team, we have managed to implement this training methodology, including the latest advances and trends in neuroscience, psychology, technology, leadership, and coaching.

Image by NEOM

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